Digital Coding Processes

Assessment 2: Digital Coding Processes (Processing Sketch) 30%

Please submit your assignment as a “New Post” with the relevant category “Assignment 2 <tutor name> <class time>”

Based on the tutorial activities from weeks 5 to 8, create a Processing sketch that explores the use of iteration. The completed sketch can be static or dynamic.

Along with your exported sketch uploaded to the subject’s blog, you also need to supply your code. Borrowing from existing codes is permitted but you are expected to comment extensively throughout the codes to demonstrate your understanding.

Write a statement (200 word) that situates your experiment in relation to relevant artworks, design, scientific studies, and technologies discussed in the lectures and workshops.

Processing sketch, source code, and statement (200 words) posted as a blog post on the subject website.

Assessment Criteria:

  • Research engagement
  • Quality of comments and codes
  • Execution

Due Date:
Week 9 – posted on the subject’s website prior to the beginning of your workshop class

FCA Graduate Quality developed:
Independent Learners / Problem Solvers

Submission Method:
Post to subject website

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