Analogue Coding Processes

Assessment 1: Analogue Coding Processes Analysis (750 − 1000 words) 25%

Choose an artwork, a design, a scientific work, or a technology discussed in lectures 01 − 03. Think about your tutorial activities from weeks 1 to 3* and refer back to the research you conducted. Consider the following questions:

How does language turn into code and vice versa? How is a task broken down into steps? How are real world things and events translated into codes? What limitations do these processes impose? What possibilities do these processes offer?

Conduct further research into the historical and cultural contexts of the work you chose. Write an analysis on the work focusing on one of the following processes in the making, usage, or reception of the work:

1. Coding and codification
2. Instructions and procedure action
3. Translation and transmission

Due Date:
Week 4 – prior to the beginning of your workshop class

A blog post (750 – 1000 words), including images, on the subject website.

Assessment Criteria:
⁃ Research engagement
⁃ Critical analysis
⁃ Clarity and succinctness

FCA Graduate Quality developed:
Independent Learners / Effective Communicators

Submission Method:
Post to subject website

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