Subject Outline 2014

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[Student’s project work from Spring 2013]

Computational media is ubiquitous—in your phone, in your microwave, in your air-conditioning, in your car. This subject recognises the importance of understanding the computer as a medium at the level of the code. For anyone engaging with technologies today, particularly students in art, design, performance, and communication, understanding computational media is essential.

In MEDA102, we approach computational media through the practice of coding. In the workshop, we work through a series of activities including telegraphing, faxing, performance, knitting as well as computer programming. These practical exercises are contextualised by a critical lecture series that examines the role of technology in contemporary creative practice.

The subject takes a project-based approach supported by a lecture series that examines contextual and historical frameworks that have influenced contemporary media arts practice.

You can download the MEDA102 Spring Subject Outline.

Please read this outline carefully. The document contains important information including the Faculty’s policies on Attendance, Assessments, and Grades.

Tutorials/ Workshops:
Thursday 09:30-12:30 WORKSHOP AM (ED) in 232-G.05,
Thursday 09:30-12:30 WORKSHOP AM (MWS) in 232-G.04,
Thursday 14:30pm-17:30pm WORKSHOP PM (ED) in 232-G.05,
Thursday 14:30pm-17:30pm WORKSHOP PM (MWS) in 232-G.04.
Thursday 13:30pm-13:30pm LECTURE in 233-G.01.

Classes will be conducted at the Innovation Campus and students can check the online timetable for scheduled class times and room locations.

all classes begin in week 1.
lecture attendance is compulsory.

If students have any enquiries about: enrolments, assessments, their own progress, academic consideration, or even if they wish to engaged in philosophical discussion around the ideas raised in this subject, please contact the subject co-ordinator, Jo Law.